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February 7th
I am a tree
Kids have fun recreating the shapes and movement of trees through dance and movement. Puppets and props will be used to demonstrate all the things trees need to live and flourish— water, sun, dirt, worms, butterflies, etc. After the puppets, children decorate leaves cut out of felt that I will attach to hat-bands to create tree hats.

February 21st
Recycle, reuse and re-think
Through puppetry, kids examine examples of all the wonderful things trees give us (Stuff made out of wood, cardboard, paper, fruit, seeds, etc.) We play a game that demonstrates how we don't have to throw this stuff away when we are finished with it, but rather, can recycle it to make something new. Kids use paper clay and their recycled materials to create one of a kind mixed media sculptures.

March 6th
The Colors of Nature
Kids enjoy a 15 minute puppet performance—A musical rendition of the classic, Jewish folktale, "It Could Always be Worse" in which we highlight the colors of the rainbow and the reflective colors found in nature. Kids transition to the art table where they use scratchboard to create rainbow-colored images.

March 20th
Sing along with Queen Esther, cheer for Mortechai, and shake your groggers at Haman in an Interactive puppet show designed specifically for young audiences. After the show, make a one-of-a-kind hamantaschen hat to wear home.

April 3rd
No Babyccino

April 17th
Join Moses (the puppet) and Miriam (his puppet sister) as they share the story of Passover. Afterwards decorate your own matzah cover to take home

May 1st
No Babyccino. Enjoy Mothers’ Day at home with your family!

May 15th
The children sing songs and play movement games about the history and rituals and customs of Shavuot. The Kids sing along with Moses, the puppet, as he climbs Mt. Sinai. A simple flat puppet presentation illustrates Moses receiving the Torah and bringing it to the people. After the puppet portion, the kids sponge paint their own 3-D Mount Sinai.

June 5th
No Babyccino

June 19th
Father's Day with Donuts and Dads Program
It's time to celebrate Father's day A fifteen-minute puppet show features Jack and his six children. During the story, Jack experiences the joys of being a dad while his kids learn how and why they appreciate their father. After the show, kids use clay and beautiful embellishments to build a one-of-a-kind paper weight for Dad.