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Our Shul

Our Shul


Welcome to our Shul - Congregation Beit Tefilah Chabad!

Imagine worshipping in an atmosphere of total inclusion and acceptance, where you are welcome, in fact encouraged, to ask questions, and where you are implored to be as nonjudgmental of your neighbor as he or she is of you. This is the atmosphere that has been created in this Shul which we call home.

Each individual among us knows how he or she best communicates with G-d. At Chabad the language you use or the pace you set for yourself are not of paramount importance. Our prayer books are written in both Hebrew and English, and the page numbers are announced continuously so you may always catch up if you prefer to meditate at a slower speed...
Each week, the Rabbi enlightens all participants by expounding upon the meaning of the Torah section we have just completed.

Remarkably, his message manages to be universal and personal simultaneously, and touches each one, regardless of the mile markers on our individual spiritual highways.
The Chabad Shabbat Day Kiddush affords you a collective opportunity to break bread, to partake of the Rebbetzin's most delicious and widely praised cholent, to share the news of the week, relax into the Shabbat tempo, and enjoy the warmth and companionship that emanate from this community.
Congregation Beit Tefilah Shabbatons provide a stimulating, educational and community bonding Shabbat.