Shabbat Morning Service



If you have never been to a Shabbat service, or have been totally lost during one, this unique Shabbat service is for you. Every Shabbat morning at 10:00 AM.

Our Shabbat services are traditional. They are led by our revered and much beloved, Rabbi Tiechtel, and chanted by members of our minyan. Services are conducted primarily in Hebrew, with some English passages sprinkled in for further understanding.

The truth is that only each individual among us knows how he or she best communicates with G‑d. At Chabad the language you use or the pace you set for yourself are not of paramount importance. Our prayer books are written in both Hebrew and English, and the page numbers are announced continuously so you may always catch up if you prefer to meditate at a slower speed. Please connect with the day and with G‑d and with your own soul in whatever personal manner suits you best.